Packing for Europe

We are going on a family vacation to Germany & I couldn’t be more excited! I have never been. Charlie’s grandparents are German & decided to go back one more time for their 60th wedding anniversary & so kindly invited the rest of the family to tag along if we could. We will be starting our trip off in Frankfurt and will kind of make a loop around some neighboring cities. We are going for 1 of the 2 weeks that they will be there. Packing for two adults and one 16 month old can be quite difficult. Wish me good luck on not over packing & hopefully remembering all the necessities. For now, I will just look at all the pretty stuff I for sure am packing. I have loved collaborating with other companies that I have met over Instagram. True friendships have been made & I can’t get over the drive that keeps a lot of us small business owners going. Thanks for that. If you have a small business and ever want to reach out & possibly collaborate, please do! Email us at

Travel Packing

pixie wooden camera: c/o The Twig Co. | mustard baby bonnet: c/o RŌZ | dress: gap kids (old) | tights: carters (old) | Stripe Maxi Dress: Winsome Jones


Eleana’s Woodlands First Birthday Party

I can’t believe that our baby girl just turned 1. Boy did time fly bye! I had so much fun prepping for her little party with close friends and family. Honestly, how did people plan parties before pinterest? I went with a woodlands themed party for little miss Ellie. She loves being outside and is such a sweet & wonderful girl. She deserved this party!

woodlands party fox cake mushroom cupcakes woodland food fox cake 1 party cake hedgehog donuts grape caterpillars babys breath flower crown flower crown baby flower crown birthday high chair banner eliie turns 1 eleana is 1 birthday cake

We had so much fun & oh my gosh, she LOVED her cake. Were talking ate pretty much half of it! We had to hose her off afterward.

I just searched “woodlands party” in Pinterest and saw all these fun food ideas.

Flower crown : diy – i used this link -> flower crown

Fox cake: diy -> fox cake

hedgehog donuts: just dip in sprinkles and use frosting to make eyes with mini chocolate chips

high chair banner: diy -> I literally cut 3 triangles out of burlap, wrote “O N E” on each triangle with elmers glue & dumped gold glitter on it. Then i just taped the triangles on her ikea high chair.

Party hat: diy -> i bought party hats at the dollar store. I turned them inside out for the plain cardboard. I wrote “1” with elmers glue and then dumped gold glitter on it & let it dry. Then I used leftover babys breath and hot glued it to the bottom portion. So Easy!

Chambray is Everything

We are always overly obsessed with chambray. So when we saw this perfect chambray skirt we just couldn’t say no. I mean come on. It’s insanely cute & doesn’t read ugly jean skirt from the 90’s. This pink tunic pairs with it perfectly & has been selling like hot cakes. Also, I got these flats for $3 at my local Target. Run don’t walk y’all!summer outfit

skirt / top / shoes– on sale in stores?

Neutrals are my jam

Who doesn’t love a good neutral outfit? Also, who doesn’t love a flowy blouse that is all whimsical & cute & flattering & just simply awesome. Especially after the holidays when *ahem, cough cough* you may have packed on a few extra pounds. but whose counting. not me. Flattering is my jam. Not seeing my jiggle is my jam. So this outfit is simply (bare with me while i say it one more time) my jam. Hope y’all like it too;)

lovely lace neutrals

lace blouse / jacket