The Winsome Life… Macaroons

blog3 Mmmmmmacaroons are not only the best treats, but are also cute decorations/party favors.  There is only one problem THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!  So we tackled them today using this recipe so we can use them whenever we want.  We LOVE the chewy texture of these little beauties and used store bought icing as a filling to save on time/money.  This is our third time making them and the frosting actually made the macaroons taste more AMAZING than a chocolate ganache filling. Plus the pink made for a better presentation… Don’t you think?

Ok ingredients time… Again the recipe is found here


The only ingredients that are out of the ordinary are the CASTER SUGAR and the ALMOND MEAL.  The caster sugar cost about $6.00, the almond meal was $12.00, and both were found at Whole Foods.  There is enough of each to make this recipe about 4 times so they are worth it 🙂  The food coloring we used is a neon version of regular food coloring and can be found at your local grocery store.


Some of them cracked unfortunately, but they were still delicious and cute!  Can you get over the colors!?  If you are going to make this recipe watch the video found here.  It was extremely helpful.

XOXO, wj


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