We love our bloggers!!!!

We wanted to give a shout out to bloggers that support us here on our blog.  We love you, your blogs, and  your fashion sense!  Let’s meet them shall we?

Hailey Devine:




Fabulous name, fabulous adventures, fabulous blog!  (and of course she looks FAB in our peplum tee)  Fun fact:  Hailey filmed Carli’s wedding video and is crazy talented!  Follow Hailey here.

Cara Loren:

IMG_1584 IMG_1578

Her hair is amazing, her family is adorable, and she always looks great in our clothes!  Follow CL here.

Shannon Willardson:

IMG_1595 IMG_1587

Shannon is funny, creative, and adorable! (don’t you LOVE the way she styled our crochet skirt?)  Follow GBO here.

Robyn Stewart:

IMG_1603 IMG_1596

Robyn has great outfit posts, workout posts, and she makes pregnancy look good!  Follow Cleverlyours here.

Thanks for all of your support ladies!




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