Happy Birthday to the husband!

On Thursday it was Charlie’s birthday!!! We drove down to Whitesburg, GA to go to the largest zip line course in the world!!! It was so much fun! It was probably the coolest thing we have ever done together! Here are some pics from our trip. A cool video will be coming soon too:)

Zipline Georgia

This zip line takes you down on your stomach! You feel like Superman!! Coolest thing ever!

Zipline Georgia

Zipline Georgia

Zipline Georgia

Zipline Georgia

I decided to do the power free fall… It was the scariest thing I have ever done!(and I have been sky diving before) The step off is the most intimidating thing!

Zipline Georgia

Charlie had to give me a countdown. It was so much fun after I got the guts to go!

After the thrill of our day at Banning Mills, we drove down to my parents and enjoyed swimming in the pool with friends. We also had a little BBQ and had some cake. It was a fun packed day! Happy Birthday again Charlie!!!




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