Summer style

It’s getting hot! At least it is here in Atlanta. Baby Eleana Jane was born exactly two weeks ago today! It has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions! So much love, tiredness, worry, more love… new mom stuff you know? I finally gained enough energy to do a quick little outfit post. I promise that I will do a post filled with little miss Eleana herself soon enough! Don’t you worry! She has completely taken the hearts of her mom & dad. We love her. Like crazy. It’s unbelievable how much love is floating around our little home. We are taking everything one day at a time and soaking it all in. Anyways… back to this outfit. Maybe its the fact that I just had a baby 2 weeks ago… but all i can imagine wearing is loosely styled tops. Which is exactly why I am obsessed with this one right here. Um, talk about comfort! Y’all know that I am all about being comfortable.

summer style

Wedges / Skirt / Cropped Tee


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