baby ellie’s birth story

I love the fact that baby e has been here for 4 months & i am just now writing this down. I just don’t want to forget a single detail & diaries are just overrated these days. Here it goes.

Eleana was born exactly one week after my due date. The week before her arrival was filled with anxiety, lots and lots of walking thanks to my mom forcing me out the door (lovingly of course), awful castor oil + oj mixture (i won’t be doing that with baby #2), & Eggplant parmesan from the infamous labor inducing Scalinis. None of them worked. Well maybe the walking helped. Fast forward to 2 days before she was born. I started slowly getting contractions. At the time I wasn’t sure if they were contractions. Now I know. Charlie’s mom and her husband were flying in. I was so stressed that they were going to get her & leave without the baby coming. This is when the walks became even more frequent.

I hadn’t slept well the night before she was born. I had contractions that were keeping me awake. Luckily, I had my appointment with my midwife set up for that morning. They monitored my contractions for 30 min and at the end of my appointment I was told “well hopefully you have this baby over the weekend” Ugh!!! This was Thursday! I wasn’t going to last till the weekend. This is when I broke down at the appointment. Tears everywhere. I am so not an emotional person and pregnancy destroyed that HA! I was so sick of these dumb contractions. Anyway charlie & I headed back home from the appointment feeling defeated. We decided to go to the mall and walk around. When we got back I was just done. Done with everything. I asked charlie to give me a blessing (for anyone who is not LDS we believe that the power of the priesthood is still upon the earth today and that those with authority are able to give these blessings just like in James 5:14-15). While Charlie gave me a blessing he specifically said “help Lyndsey to feel strong & get through the pain. Also, help us to know exactly when we should go to the hospital.” Within 5 minutes after the blessing was over my contractions were less than 5 min apart and lasting 1 minute. I looked at charlie & said we need to go to the hospital now! Less than 5 minutes later we were in the car driving to the hospital. Of course now it was 5pm in Atlanta traffic. Our usual 35 minute drive now took us 1 hour and 15 minutes! We walked into the hospital & were told that all the rooms were full & to wait in the waiting room until my midwife can come get me. I thought I was going to die! I had to wait in the waiting room for 45 minutes with a bunch of other pregnant women who totally do not look like they are in labor. I think all of them were getting induced. It was the absolute worst. My midwife checked on me in the waiting room & could tell that they needed to get me in a room before a girl who technically came in before me. I told my midwife that I wanted an epidural as soon as I got in a room. She nicely told me “well lets check on your progression first and then we will go from there.”

 I finally get put in a room & they check me. I was already dilated to a 9. There goes my epidural. My midwife leaves to check on other patients really quick & charlie decides to use the bathroom before it was go time. All of the sudden I get super nauseous & before I can help it I puke all over the floor & in that instant my water breaks. Fun stuff y’all. So so fun! I yell for charlie and he comes out of the bathroom to see the crazy mess and all i can say is “my water just broke!” He runs out to the hall to find some help (and gets yelled at for running in the hall hahha). I hadn’t even met my nurses yet. I was just like “sorry that I just puked all over the floor, nice to meet ya” The nurses went out to get my mom & charlie’s mom. They came in & then we pretty much waited for her position to drop a little bit and it was go time. I had no natural urge to push. Everyone says you will, but i didn’t. I didn’t know how to push ha! Luckily, my nurse walked me thru it & my midwife suggested that i change positions to help. Thank goodness i did! It was so much better! I remember specifically saying “i don’t want to do this anymore” while pushing, but on the next push my mom said that she had lots of hair & that motivated me like crazy. one more push and she was out. I held charlie’s hands the whole time & he helped me so much! Eleana came into our world and completely stole our hearts!

Here are a few tips incase you are planning an unmedicated birth

*already have your hair up when you leave for the hospital (i had forgotten and literally had zero energy in between contractions which resulted in me being super hot & gross)

*have someone text your family + friends (we were so caught up in the pain & craziness that we literally didn’t text friends until right before i started pushing. we literally looked at each other & said “does anyone even know that we are here?” hahaha)

*just know that you most likely wont be able to do one of those cute picture posts that shows you on your way to the hospital or inside your labor & delivery room. (you will be so utterly exhausted. I pretty much passed out in between each contraction haha & i sure didn’t look pretty enough for a picture either)

Okay onto less words & more pictures


Ellie birth



Ellie & Dad






  1. This is my favorite birth story, ever. So honest, and so beautiful, just like you and Eleana! You are my hero for going a week over and all natural, and for sitting in Atlanta traffic in labor.

  2. Beautiful birth story, funny too, you did great, it’s not easy for anyone, well not for most, and each one is different. And your pics are precious. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I literally almost starting crying even though you already told me this story! the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so brave and such an amazing example of what it is like to rely on your husband and also what it is to be an amazing mother! i love you and hopefullly can be like you one day! xoxo

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