Packing for Europe

We are going on a family vacation to Germany & I couldn’t be more excited! I have never been. Charlie’s grandparents are German & decided to go back one more time for their 60th wedding anniversary & so kindly invited the rest of the family to tag along if we could. We will be starting our trip off in Frankfurt and will kind of make a loop around some neighboring cities. We are going for 1 of the 2 weeks that they will be there. Packing for two adults and one 16 month old can be quite difficult. Wish me good luck on not over packing & hopefully remembering all the necessities. For now, I will just look at all the pretty stuff I for sure am packing. I have loved collaborating with other companies that I have met over Instagram. True friendships have been made & I can’t get over the drive that keeps a lot of us small business owners going. Thanks for that. If you have a small business and ever want to reach out & possibly collaborate, please do! Email us at

Travel Packing

pixie wooden camera: c/o The Twig Co. | mustard baby bonnet: c/o RŌZ | dress: gap kids (old) | tights: carters (old) | Stripe Maxi Dress: Winsome Jones


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